Venmo Instructions for Person-In-Charge (PIC)

Last updated 2/2/18


The church's Venmo account should be used only for OFFICIAL NON-contributions collections such as food sale, yard sale, book sale, retreat fees, food reimbursement, etc. Please remind everyone that they should NOT send contributions via Venmo.

If you are not sure what is considered "official" use, the rule of thumb is that if the money ends up at NECBC's bank account, then it is "official". If you are not sure, please contact accounting.

If you are the Person-In-Charge (PIC) for collecting money through Venmo:

  1. Let accounting (Mike) know what you are collecting.

  2. Instruct senders to put specific short description (no symbols). Eg. "40dop book", "retreat fee", etc.

  3. You are responsible to track the collection. There are a few options to do this (please contact accounting for the best option):

    • Without a Venmo phone

      • PREFERRED OPTION: Venmo notifications can be sent to you via e-mail address (during collection period only). Please provide your e-mail address to accounting.

      • If you are collecting on-site, you can ask the senders to show you in person that they have sent the money.

    • With a Venmo phone. If you need to have a Venmo phone with you to see the live feed, you can either:

      • request a temporary login (via web, not app) to NECBC Venmo account using your own phone, or

      • request to borrow the Venmo phone from accounting

  4. When collection is complete, please let accounting know so the money can be transferred to the bank.

P.S.: Feel free to share this page to other Venmo PICs as needed.

Thank you!